Content and Creative Design Course
Department of Design, Graduate School of Design
Kyushu University

Admission Policy

This course aims to train creators and researchers of the highest level, through cultivation of their theoretical reasoning ability and aesthetic sensibility. Our students have an international outlook and want to be involved in creating leading media technology applications, arts and culture.

In the Art Theory and Practice Division, we provide students with a deep understanding of art and cultural history, and develop their abilities to use that understanding in contemporary society. Students achieve this through study and research that systematically connects a wide range of fields including mathematical modeling, art, music, theater, language, cultural history, and philosophy.

In the Digital Content Design Division, students conduct systematic investigations that span the fields of art, science, and engineering, including research in representation theory and technology, and produce video, music and media arts work.

In the Creative Design Division, students receive wide-ranging practical training and conduct research in visual and industrial design. Through this, they develop the creative abilities that will enable them to support manufacturing and information environments.

The type of students sought by the Content and Creative Design are those who are creative and eager to apply their creativity in the fields of media technology, art and culture.