Content and Creative Design Course
Department of Design, Graduate School of Design
Kyushu University

Students’ Research Works


title student name professor
An Evaluation Study of the Combinations of 2D-look Rendering and Limited animation on 3DCG AnimationTomoyo MatsudaDaewoong Kim associate professor
A Study of Sightseeing Spots Recommendation Based on Travelers' Visiting SeasonHu YuLongTaketoshi Ushiama associate professor
Restoration study of musical instrument-shaped wood product excavated from Habu ruins in Ogi-city, Saga PrefectureKouhei ArataMasato Yako professor
A Study of Suspense in Quentin Tarantino's FilmsTaiki KumaiHisao Oshima associate professor
A Study on Movie Expression That Using Recalls Format —A Work of Movie “Happiness is”—Kenichiro SakaiMikako Tomotari associate professor
Comparative Study between Peking Opera and Japanese Kabuki:Comparison between Gesture to Emotional ExpressionJo ImaiMasato Yako professor
A Study on the Immortality which was Pursued and Practiced by Arakawa Shusaku and Madeline GinsTomoaki TateishiToru Koga associate professor
Verification of the educational movie and its presentation in the educational content of Ballet Yuya AikawaDaewoong Kim associate professor
Panoramic Image Based Orthogonal Origamic ArchitectureTakamasa IkewakiReiji Tsuruno associate professor
A Study on Effective Audio Browsing for a SNS StreamShogo IwanagaTaketoshi Ushiama associate professor
Development of Digital Learning Tool for Elementary School Children to Study Electric CurrentSotaro KatsukiDaewoong Kim associate professor
Study on Educational Support System in BYOD EnvironmentKazuyuki KusunokiNaomi Fujimura professor
Development of Digital Learning Tool to Study Case Particle for Hearing Impaired ChildrenShingo Taira Daewoong Kim associate professor
A Usability Evaluation of Advertisements on Tablet Applications for Senior UsersYukiko TakaseDaewoong Kim associate professor
Deveopment of Application Software of "Medication Notebook" to Encourage 'Self-Medication'Yuji Tsuruta Naomi Fujimura professor
Rendition Systems for Electroacoustic Music Designed by Spatial, Visual, and Performing Approach Ryosuke NakamaShigenobu Nakamura professor
The Exhibition Guide Contents Design for Parents and Children Visitors which will help them to Enjoy the Field Trip In MuseumKenta NakamuraDaewoong Kim associate professor
Creation of Spatial Drawing Considered Micro and Macro View PointsHiroyuki NagayoshiEtsuo Genda professor
KY-SYSTEM: textile-based physical interface to assist to read the gap between a user and an atmosphere in semi-public spaceMiri HattoriRyoko Ueoka associate professor
Study on multidirectional projection system Using Retro-reflective Projection TechnologyTomomi HigashijimaDaewoong Kim associate professor
A Study on Parallax Amount in Projecting Several Stereoscopic Images on Multiple ScreensShohei MitsunoDaewoong Kim associate professor
Puff・Puff System : haptic interface using vortex air cannon for controlling biological signalMami YamaguchiRyoko Ueoka associate professor
Uniquely Controlled Software Synthesizers for Diversified Renditions and Sound ManipulationYuya YamadaShigenobu Nakamura professor
A Design on the Employment of Motion Sensor in the Music Performance SystemHiroki Yoshida Shigenobu Nakamura professor
The Proposal for reusable package of cosmeticsSawako OyaMasaru Sato professor
Study of Development and Analysis Methods on Industrial designKazuaki OharaYoshito Ogata associate professor
A Study of Environmental Education Program based on the Comparison between Japan and ChinaQiao LiangYoshito Ogata associate professor
The Proposal for the Souvenir Package Design to Advance the Tourism of Miyazaki PrefectureNarumi KuboMasaru Sato professor
Entry Level Pictogram Based English Workbook DesignZhou Yu Hisayasu Ihara professor
Design Study for Wing In Surface Effect Ship on High Speed Marine Transportation Takanobu NakaiAkira Ishii professor
Work of Karuta based on "Jisshinko-Iroha-Uta"Yumi NaganoMasaru Sato professor
Reseach of Care Design based on Applied Behavior AnalysisYushiro HayashiYoshito Ogata associate professor
A Design Study on Ultra Lightweight Vehicles Based on Evaluation of Impression Shota YamaguchiAkira Ishii professor
The Original Font based on《Lantingji Xu》by Wang Xizhi -Expression Methods of the hiragana Letters-Kanae YamamuraMasaru Sato professor
A Proposal of Moving Pictogram for Fukuoka Subway Yoon Jeong-ahMasaru Sato professor